Hydraulic Analysis of Water Transmission Flowing Party Full
The hydraulic behavior of a transmission line that flows full along only part of its length is more difficult to analyze than a completely full line. Unsteady open-channel and closed-conduit...

Modeling Intake Performance Under Frazil Ice Conditions
A water intake was modeled in a refrigerated flume in an active frazil icing environment in order to evaluate alternative modifications to the prototype structure. Tests were run until...

Alternative Layouts for Hydro Headrace Tunnels
The recent development of tunnel boring machines capable of excavating hard rock at virtually any grade together with the Norwegian experience in compressed air surge tanks provides the...

Hydrotest Rupture of Penstuck Liner at Bath County
Bath County is the construction site of Virginia Electric and Power Company's pumped storage project. Rupture of a penstock liner during hydrotest at high pressure threatened...

Aeration Scale Effects

Journal of Hydraulic Engineering
The Journal of Hydraulic Engineering accepts original contributions that describe the analysis and solutions of problems in hydraulic engineering. Technical Notes may present a problem, without solution,...

Closed Conduit Spillways for Impoundments

Plastics in Piping

Kamburu Dam: Diversion Conduit Designed into Spillway Saves $1,000,000
Careful coordination of dam construction operation with river stages over several seasons, and a construction sequence that called for building the spillway, in effect, from the top down,...

Erratum for Kamburu Dam: Diversion Conduit Designed into Spillway Saves $1,000,000

Behavior of Underground Box Conduit in the San Fernando Earthquake

Modification of an Existing Pump Discharge Conduit to Accommodate Turbine Flow

Swimming Performance of Arctic Grayling

Some Basic Concepts on Flow in Branching Conduits

General Considerations of Flow in Branching Conduits

Combining Flow in Branches and Wyes

Plastic Design of Flexible Conduits

Penstock Codes - U.S. and Foreign Practice

Service Record Experience of Steel Penstocks

A Review of Penstock Branch Connections





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