Material Aspects of High Performance Concrete

The Use of High Reactivity Metakaolin in High Performance Concrete

Thermal Performance of Concretes Including HSC

High Strength Phosphate Cement Using Industrial Byproduct Ashes

On Extending ACI 318 to High-Strength Concrete

Provisions in U. S. Codes Related to High-Strength Concrete

High Strength Concrete: Design Issues in the Canadian Code

Design and Construction of the Highest RC Building in Japan

Application of High Strength and Self-Compacting Concrete for Continuous Diaphragm Walls

Research Activities on High Strength Concrete and Its Application in Japan

Practical Use of High-Strength and High-Flowable Concrete to be Filled Inside the Steel Tube Columns

Cost-Effectiveness Optimization for Aseismic Design Criteria of RC Buildings

Reliability-Based Optimal Planning of Maintenance of Concrete Structures

Case Study of the Optimal Design of a Structural Steel Framework

Cap of Concrete
The roof of a new $84 million arena in New Orleans was built using techniques usually seen in tied-arch concrete bridges. The concrete components of the roof carry the large compression...

Evaluation of Pile Load Tests in Soft Cohesive Louisiana Soils

Application of Emerging Seismic Analysis Techniques and Innovative Concepts to Retrofit an Existing High-Rise Building

Effects of Vertical Content of Ground Shaking on 2-D and 3-D Inelastically Responding Steel Frames

Unbonded versus Bonded Tendons: Which is Better for Masonry?

Composite Joist Behavior and Design Requirements





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