Changes and Future Trends in the National Design Specifications for Wood Construction and Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) Specifications

Inverse Reliability Methods in the Design of Wood Structures

Selection Criteria for Structural Steel: Design Considerations

High-Performance Steel Bridge Design Issues

High Performance Steel (HPS) Demonstration Project: The Ford City Bridge

Tensile Sculpture

The SAC Database: Understanding and Using Steel Frame Test Results

The Basis for the Fatigue-Evaluation Methodology in the Proposed Manual for Condition Evaluation and Load and Resistance Factor Rating of Highway Bridges

Allowable Stress Design (ASD): The Design Method of Choice for Engineered Temporary Structures

A Multimedia CD-ROM Based Instructional Tool for the Design of Temporary Structures

Design Issues for Temporary Containment Structures in the Ship Building and Repair Industries

The Role of the Construction Engineer in the Design of Temporary Structures for Construction in the Power Generation, Process, and Petrochemical Industries

Conflicts in Codes Applicable to the Job Site

Application and Design Ramification of ASCE Seismic Provisions on Current Caltrans and AASHTO Designed Based Projects

Proposed Revision to the ANSI/TIA/EIA-222 Standard

Electrical Substation Structure Design Guide: A Panel Presentation

Performance of Electric Transmission Structures during Earthquakes

Microclimate Design Features for Buildings and Landscaping

Simultaneous Measurement of Roof Pressures and Applications

Using Wind Design Criteria to Gauge Seismic Performance





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