Design of Guide Banks for Bridge Abutment Protection

River Restoration Considerations Beyond Channel Design

Comparison of Local-Scour Predictions at Drop-Structures and Threats to Bridge Foundations

Riprap Design at Bridges-Factor of Safety Approach

Design of Guide Banks for Bridge Abutment Protection

Bridge Scour and Stream Instability Countermeasures

Risk-Based Design of Roadway Crossing Structures Considering Intangible Factors

Rebuilding a Railroad Bridge
The Peck Movable Bridge and Bridgeport Viaduct is a four-track crossing in Connecticut that serves three rail lines. The 1904 bridge had deteriorated, causing a kink that forced trains...

Weighing Anchors
Modern anchorage systems offer design engineers and contractors unprecedented choice in load transfer mechanisms. Some anchors are highly specialized, while others are appropriate for...

Evaluation Findings for Dynamic Isolation Systems, Inc. Elastomeric Bearings
This report, Evaluation Findings for Dynamic Isolation Systems Elastometric Bearings, presents the results of a detailed evaluation for one...

Bridging Substance with Style
Engineers used an elegant form to come up with a functional solution when designing the new Damen Avenue Arch in Chicago. Two steel ribs, created using heat induction bending, closely...

Holding Court
Contractors had their work cut out for them when structural engineers specified concrete-filled steel tubes for the Thomas F. Eagleton Federal Courthouse's perimeter columns....

Structural Surgery
Structural engineers had to transform four existing buildings and two new buildings into a new non-profit center for Jewish history. The buildings were of varying ages and had different...

Cable Access
By moving the expansion joints off the main, cable-stayed span and creating innovative cable connections and tower configurations, Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas Inc. (PB)...

Effects of Water Pressure on Deep Water Offshore Concrete Design

Aspects of a Computer-Simulation Approach to the Design of HSC

Earthquake Resistance of 100 MPa Concrete Columns

Cyclic Flexural and Shear Behavior of High-Strength Concrete Columns

Penetration Resistance Tests on High Strength Concrete

High Strength Concrete: Design Issues in the Canadian Code





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