Sky High
The increasing demand for personal communication services (PCS), such as digital cell phones and pagers, as well as digital television (DTV), has created new challenges for creating and...

The Invisible Infrastructure
Most developed countries have 50- to 100-year-old underground utility systems that carry far greater loads than their designs. They're difficult to repair or replace, yet...

Shake, Rattle and Hold (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue Only)
In-situ lateral load tests of two bridge bents were conducted on Interstate 15 in Salt Lake City, Utah, to determine the strength and ductility of an existing concrete bridge and the improvements...

Building Between Buildings (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue Only)
Construction of tall buildings in the centers of the world's large cities almost invariably involves working within severe site constraints. The constraints can involve all...

Fire Performance Issues

Design Specifications and Standards

Undersea Pumped Storage for Load Leveling

Mass Loading and Subsequent Baywide Transport of Sediment Resuspension During Tug Assisted Ship Movements at the Naval Station San Diego

Geo-Material Characterization Using Digital Micrograph Analysis

Muscle Made of Carbon Fiber
Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) extends service life and increases load-bearing capacity when applied to concrete structures. CFRP is less expensive than traditional strengthening...

Securing the Stone
To prevent spalling at edges on thin stone veneer, engineers who design stone cladding pay special attention to the connection details. Kerf clips, 100-150 mm long, that distribute load...

The Los Angeles Export Terminal's Coal Transportation Link to the Pacific Rim

Pile Load Test Program—Kwajalein Drydock

New Shiploading System for Pacific Coast Terminals

Computer Mooring Load Analysis to Improve Port Operations and Safety

Mooring Dynamics Due to Wind Gust Fronts

Today's Automobile Ferry Terminal Improvements Solve Tomorrow's Intermodal Transportation Needs

On the Importance of Understanding Ocean Wave Kinematics for Calculation of Dynamics and Loads on Offshore Structures

Second Order Wave Forces on 3D Bodies in a Current

Nonlinear Inertial Loading in Steep 2-D Water Waves





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