Computer Program Analyzes Blast-Resistant Building Designs

Computer Model Predicts Watershed Flow

Intergraph Restructures, Releases New Software

Engineers Verify Seismic Response with 3-D Software

Summit on Software Reveals Changing Role of Technology

Companies Develop Palmtop Software for Civil Engineers

Software Streamlines Line Design and Installation

Travel Cards in the Year 2000: The Helsinki Region Ushers in the Smart Card Era
Once the travel card system for the Helsinki region is fully implemented, it will be one of the most advanced ticket sales and fare collection systems around. Passengers will carry remote...

Army Corps Publishes Dam Analysis Software

Into the Tunnel
Technological advances in wind tunnel testing and computer-aided design programs are enabling engineers to create taller and more aesthetically interesting buildings than ever before....

Engineer Creates Floodplain Management Software

Empirical Cost Savings Using an Internet-Based Construction Management System

Computing Regulations Spur Debate

An Unsteady Finite Volume Circulation Model

Developing a Capability to Forecast Coastal Ocean Optics: Minerogenic Scattering

Internal Characteristics of Two-Layer Stratified Flow Systems Under Wind Stress

A Framework for Integrated Modeling of Coupled Hydrodynamic?Sedimentary?Ecological Processes

Typical and Extreme Responses of Chesapeake Bay and Its Coastal Plume to Riverine Forcing

High Performance Estuarine and Coastal Environmental Modeling: The CH3D Example

A Three-Dimensional Shear Dispersion Model Applied to Georges Bank





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