Internal Characteristics of Two-Layer Stratified Flow Systems Under Wind Stress

Integrating High Performance Computing Strategies with Existing Finite Element Hydrodynamic Codes

Effects of Bed Coarsening on Sediment Transport

A PC-Based Visualization System for Coastal Ocean and Atmospheric Modeling

The Digital Evolution
As designers such as Gehry Architects dream up ever-more fluid and sculptural shapes for buildings, the only way to turn those aesthetic shapes into solid, safe structures is by using...

Wireless Warnings
Formwork failures cause dozens of construction-related deaths per year, but most can be avoided by adequate monitoring. The problem is, most monitors must be hard-wired to a computer on...

Easing the Way for E-Permitting
In an effort to speed the development of an electronic permitting process in Fairfax County, Virginia, the firm Dewberry & Davis conducted a forum as part of a kickoff process....

Desktop Publishing an O&M Manual
With word processing programs and high quality laser printers, it's easier than ever to create professional looking documents. The term desktop publishing refers to the production...

Producing and Maintaining an Online Manual
Most of us interact with computers on a daily basis. Every facet of our society uses computers to monitor and control plant processes. Documentation and training materials are produced...

Airport Modeling and Simulation: An Overview

4D Modeling and Simulation for the Modernization of Logan International Airport: A Case Study

A Systems Dynamics Model for the Development of China's Aviation System

Object Oriented Approach to Model Airport Operations

The Passenger and Baggage Flow Model (PBFM) Tool

Plans for a Sensitivity Analysis of Bridge-Scour Computations

Computation of Flow Past a Cylinder Mounted on a Flat Plate

Estimating Pier Scour with Artificial Neural Networks

Bridge Pier Scour Equations-An Assessment

Computer Simulation of River Channel Changes at a Bridge Crossing on a Point Bar

Using HEC-RAS to Compute Scour at Bridges





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