A Proposed Criteria to Evaluate Hydrologic/Water Quality Models

Evaluation of the Water Quality Model EUTROMOD

Evaluation of the Newton Secant Method in Hydraulic Design Applications

An Open-Loop Control System for Open-Channel Flows

Computation of Open Channel Flow Using a Gas-Kinetic Based Scheme

Fractional Volume Methods for the Calculation of Shallow Water Flows

Transient Flow Analysis of Canal Networks Using the Implicit Finite Difference Model

Simulation of Soil-Structure Interaction Effects in Shaking Table Tests

CPT-Based Liquefaction Potential Assessment: A Neuronet Approach

Computer Ground Waves Due to Piling

Freeway to the Future
A new network model is emerging introducing a new step between servers and desktops: middleware servers with querying software. The new network architecture, combined with the use of both...

Riding the Technology Wave
Computer hardware and software is getting faster, more powerful and more affordable. At the same time, the way in which engineers use the equipment is varying. Identifying costs and benefits...

Replacing E' with the Constrained Modulus in Flexible Pipe Design

Using GIS Based Models to Plan Regional Reclaimed Water Pipeline Networks

Horizontal Directionally Drilled River Crossing Meets Regional Water Needs

CAD Design Expedites Environmentally Friendly Project for CCWA

Water Resources and the Urban Environment
This proceedings, Water Resources and the Urban Environment, contains extended abstracts presented at the ASCE 25th Conference on Water Resources...

New Spin on Bid Sets
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' electronic bid set (EBS) system involves putting drawings and documents on CDs to save time, money, and effort. For example, the Corps typically...

Cellar Performance (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue only)
Even though the Pentagon contains three times the square footage of the Empire State Building, free space has become hard to come by. Expanding computer, mechanical and electrical systems...

A Computer Tool for Predicting for Cooling of Asphalt Pavements





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