Three P's of Mega Project Control: Past, Present and Planned

Effective Computer Use in Civil Engineering Today

Role of Computers in Managing Challenges for Program Management of Large Infrastructure Projects

Design Cases: A Supplementary Knowledge Source for Structural Component Design

Towards a Generic Process Model for AEC

High-Resolution Thermal Modeling for Computational Building Design Assistance

Validation of a Knowledge-Based Expert System for Tall Building Design

An Approach for the Interoperation of Web-Distributed Applications with a Design Model

Internet-Based Solutions to the Fragmentation of the Construction Process

Intranet-Based Project Control Systems for the Construction Industry

A Computer Model for Assessing the Safety of AICC

Design and Development of the HDM-4 Software

Statistical and Simulation-Based Models for Progression Prediction of Train Delays on Busy Railway Lines

An Intelligent and Multiple-Object Decision Support System for Scheduling of Train Diagram

Artifical Neural Networks for Modeling Some of the Activities of the Conceptual Stage of the Design Process

Estimating Excavation Duration: OOP Plus NN Approach

Modeling the Frictional Performance of Highway Surfaces Using Neural Networks

Image Texture Analysis and Neural Networks for Characterization of Uniform Soils

Realization of an Object Model for Multimedial Hypertext Documents in Structural Engineering by Means of Java

A Design Application Using JavaScript for the Web Environment





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