Neural Networks for Evaluating Construction Technology

A Neural Network-Based Traffic Control System for Isolated Intersections

Neural Networks in Optimal Calibration of Water Distribution Systems

An Artificial Neural Network for Predicting Carbonation Depth in Concrete Structures

Interpretation of Digital Signals Using Hybrid Neural Networks and Pattern Recognition Techniques

Classification of Pavement Surface Distress with an Embedded Neural Net Chip

Backcalculation of Flexible Pavement Moduli from Falling Weight Deflectometer Data using Artificial Neural Networks

Backcalculation of Pavement Profiles from the SASW Test by Neural Networks

The Combined Use of Belief-Functions and Adaptive Artificial Neural Networks in Pavement Management Systems Decision-Making

Merging Genetic Algorithms with Neural Networks: Owner-Contractor Prequalification Example

Estimating the Energy Performance Index of Buildings

Horizontal Directionally Drilled River Crossing Meets Regional Water Needs

CAD Design Expedites Environmentally Friendly Project for CCWA

Water Resources and the Urban Environment
This proceedings, Water Resources and the Urban Environment, contains extended abstracts presented at the ASCE 25th Conference on Water Resources...

New Spin on Bid Sets
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' electronic bid set (EBS) system involves putting drawings and documents on CDs to save time, money, and effort. For example, the Corps typically...

Cellar Performance (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue only)
Even though the Pentagon contains three times the square footage of the Empire State Building, free space has become hard to come by. Expanding computer, mechanical and electrical systems...

A Computer Tool for Predicting for Cooling of Asphalt Pavements

Software to Establish Seasonal Load Limits for Flexible Pavements

From Building Design Representations to Simulation Domain Representations: An Automated Mapping Solution for Complex Geometries

Detecting Cracks by Image Analysis on a Parallel Computer





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