Technology: Computer Scientists Develop High-Speed Network for Quake Studies

25 Technologies to Watch
While much hype exists over the concept of e-commerce, an expert in design and construction information technologies points out that there are many other technologies in the developmental...

Technology: Computer Model Simplifies Bridge Flutter Analysis

Technology: Computer Models, Sensors Help Right Leaning Tower

Design Software Manipulates CAD Drawing on the Internet

Technology: Software System Streamlines Bridge Inspection Process

Software Analyzes Potential Threats to Buildings

Evaluation of SSET
The Sewer Scanner & Evaluation Technology
Prepared by CEITEC, a CERF innovation center serving the engineering and construction industries. This report describes an evaluation of Sewer Scanner...

Technology: In-House Software Manipulated for Innovative Design Needs

Technology: Software Links Data on Road and Coastal Conditions

Technology: Software Predicts Continentwide Contamination

FishXing 2.0 Software and Learning Systems for the Analysis of Fish Migration through Culverts
A brief explanation of the software FishXing....

A Better Image
As new sources of satellite and aerial data emerge, and as imagery processing software becomes cheaper and easier to use, engineers are tapping remote sensing data's potential...

Deep Foundations In the Future (Available in Geo-Environmental Special Issue only)
The design and construction of deep foundations has gone from an art form to a scientifically based engineering practice. Research in this field has improved over the past century and...

Designing a Web Site
With the advent of prepackaged software programs that practically set up a Web site by themselves, small engineering firms may assume that designing and operating a Web site is a snap....

Protecting Your Work: Balancing the Competing Interests of Ownership
Your firm has invested days, months—perhaps even years—in its latest project. Your staff have poured their thoughts, ideas, and insights into the creation of a bridge, building, overpass,...

Computer Program Analyzes Blast-Resistant Building Designs

Computer Model Predicts Watershed Flow

Intergraph Restructures, Releases New Software

Engineers Verify Seismic Response with 3-D Software





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