The Use of Artificial Neural Networks in Advanced Traveler Information and Traffic Management Systems

VARIA - Variable Message Sign Control Based on OD-Estimation in a Motorway Network

Applications of Predictive Numerical Simulations Using Calibrated Macroscopic Traffic Flow Models

Traffic Control System for Metropolitan Areas Based on Radio Links between Vehicles and Infrastructure

The Use of Digital Geographic Information in Transportation Engineering

LP Type Dynamic On-Ramp Traffic Control Model for Urban Expressway

The Rapid Simulation of a Signalised Road Network

Constraint Logic Programming Contribution for Fleet Management System in Freight Transport

Technologies for a Multimedia Based Highway Information System in the Gigabit Networking Environment

The Gaudi-Marseille Experiment: An Example of a Multiservice Remote Payment System

Real-Time Traffic Control for Alternative Route Guidance Systems Based on the Dynamic Assignment Model

Development of a Decentralized Traffic Control System Based on Logic Programming

SCOOT Control of a Simulated Road Network

Flow Propagation Description in Dynamic Network Loading Models

Computational Experiments with a Combined Traffic Assignment and Control Model with Asymmetric Cost Functions

Multicriteria Traffic Control with Video Feedback

Improved Path Selection in Congested Networks by AI Techniques

Vision Technique for Platoon Driving

PRIMAVERA: A Best Practice Manual for Innovative UTC Schemes

PRIMAVERA: Integrated ATT Strategies for Urban Arterials





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