Computer-Based Process Simulation of Construction Activities

Hand-Held Communication for Construction Supervision

Computer Misuse and Lack of QA/QC-Is It a Time Bomb?

Guidelines for Retirement of Dams and Hydroelectric Facilities
Prepared by the Task Committee on Guidelines for Retirement of Dams and Hydroelectric Facilities of the Hydropower Committee of the Energy Division of ASCE. ...

Scandinavia's International Connection (Available only in Structural Engineering Special Issue)
The 7.8-km-long cable-stayed ├śresund Bridge, the centerpiece of the first road and rail link between Scandinavia and Europe, is the third and final link of the 15.8 km Oresund Link. The...

Construction Congress V
Managing Engineered Construction in Expanding Global Markets
This proceedings contains over 130 papers presented at ASCE's Construction Congress V held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 5-7, 1997. This publication is divided into seven...

Optimal Design of Structures Subjected to Dynamic Loads

Optimal Repair Planning of Existing Bridges Using Genetic Algorithm

Optimal Design of 2-D Frames Using a Genetic Algorithm

Evaluation of the Non-Isothermal/Thermal Unsaturated/Saturated Flow and Transport (NUFT) Code Using Analytical Solutions

Application of Geostatistical Analysis in the Design of a Ground Water Level Monitoring Network for Pingtung Plain, Taiwan: I. Network Density

Surface Velocity Measurement of River Flow Using Video Images of an Oblique Angle

Calibration of Open Channel Flow Computer Simulations

Three-Dimensional Hydraulic Analysis for Calculation of Scour at Bridge Piers with Fender Systems

A Study of the Practicality of Acoustic Tomographic Imaging for the NDE of Concrete Structures

Software to Optimise Hydropower Plant Design

Bed-Load Rate on Movable Beds Covered by Vegetation

Discrete Computer Simulations of Ripple Emergence and Evolution

Hydraulic System in a Chinese Shiplock

GIS Assessment of Water Supply Damage from the Northridge Earthquake





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