Calculation of Flow in Combining Manifolds for Final Settling Tanks

Advanced Tidal Analysis of Estuaries to Trace System Changes

Three-Dimensional Calculation of River Flow

Engine 2000: Researches into the Next Generation of Computational Hydraulic Modelling

An Application of Artificial Neural Networks in Computational Hydraulics

A Modelling System for Estimation of Impacts on Fish Habitat

K-ϵ Model Computations of the Flow in Rotating Annular Flumes

Application of Geostatistical Analysis in the Design of a Ground Water Level Monitoring Network for Pingtung Plain, Taiwan: II. Sampling Frequency

A Mixed-Integer Programming Model for Soil Vapor Extraction Design

Optimal Groundwater Remediation Design by Chance-Constrained Programming

On the Use of High-Performance Simulation in the Management of Groundwater Resources in Large Aquifer Systems

Numerical Solution of Water Flow in the Unsaturated Zone Using a Dynamic Programming Method

Optimization Modeling for Water Resource Allocation in Volusia County, Florida

Lagrangian Analysis of Dispersion in Porous Media by Means of Three-Dimensional Particle Tracking Velocimetry

Modeling the Impacts of Reservoir Emptying

Solution of the Saint Venant Equations Through the Use of Riemann Based Methods

Time Accurate Simulation of Free Surface Flow Problems

Study on Highly-Accurate Numerical Method for Advection Term

Numerical Simulation of Large Eddy Structure in Hydraulic Jump

Allowance for Secondary Flows in the 3 D Numerical Flow Models of Piping Systems





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