Earthquake-Induced Landsliding Analyzed and Predicted With a Geographic Information System

Urban Disaster Vulnerability Assessment & Lessening Is a Key for Safe Development

Seismic Hazard Analysis Without the Gutenberg-Richter Relationship

Use of a National Loss Estimation Methodology for Risk Management

Hurricane Disaster Mitigation Through Real-time Wind Analysis

ICADS: An Integrated Knowledge-Based CAD System

Integration of Expert Systems and CAD Systems for Design Verification

Expert Systems for Civil Engineers
Integration Issues
This monograph on integrated computer systems is one in a series of monographs published by the Expert Systems on Artificial Intelligence Committee of the ASCE Technical Council on Computer...

Design of Framed Structures Using a Genetic Algorithm

Use of Genetic Algorithms for the Automated Design of Residential Steel Roof Trusses

Application of Genetic Algorithm to Light-Up Design of Bridge

Optimal Conceptual Topological Design

Compact Procedure of Linear Programming for Plastic Analysis of Frame Structures

Basic Study on Application of Artificial Life Approaches to the Optimization Problem

Geothermal Resource Assessment Using Self-Optimized Layered Neural Network

A Method for Seismic Reliability Analysis of Secondary Transmission Systems

Fully-Stressed Design of Framed Structures with Discrete Variables and Application of Genetic Algorithms

Transitions of Structural Topology under Environmental Changes by Applying Genetic Algorithms

Two-Level Optimization Technique of Composite Laminate Plates by Genetic Algorithms

Damage Detection from Vibration Measurements Using Neural Network Technology





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