Integrated Software System for Reinforced Concrete Design of Industrial Structures in High Seismic Zones

Integration of Steel Building Design Software Across Disciplines

Implementation of Automated Site Data Collection with a Medium-Sized Contractor

Visual Programming in Data Acquisition Applications

Standard Data Exchange Format for Scheduling Software

Three P's of Mega Project Control: Past, Present and Planned

Effective Computer Use in Civil Engineering Today

Role of Computers in Managing Challenges for Program Management of Large Infrastructure Projects

Design Cases: A Supplementary Knowledge Source for Structural Component Design

Towards a Generic Process Model for AEC

High-Resolution Thermal Modeling for Computational Building Design Assistance

Validation of a Knowledge-Based Expert System for Tall Building Design

Internet-Based Solutions to the Fragmentation of the Construction Process

Intranet-Based Project Control Systems for the Construction Industry

Design and Development of the HDM-4 Software

Statistical and Simulation-Based Models for Progression Prediction of Train Delays on Busy Railway Lines

An Intelligent and Multiple-Object Decision Support System for Scheduling of Train Diagram

Artifical Neural Networks for Modeling Some of the Activities of the Conceptual Stage of the Design Process

Estimating Excavation Duration: OOP Plus NN Approach

Modeling the Frictional Performance of Highway Surfaces Using Neural Networks





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