A Proposed Criteria to Evaluate Hydrologic/Water Quality Models

Evaluation of the Water Quality Model EUTROMOD

Evaluation of the Newton Secant Method in Hydraulic Design Applications

An Open-Loop Control System for Open-Channel Flows

Computation of Open Channel Flow Using a Gas-Kinetic Based Scheme

Fractional Volume Methods for the Calculation of Shallow Water Flows

Transient Flow Analysis of Canal Networks Using the Implicit Finite Difference Model

Surface-Seismic Imaging for NEHRP Soil Profile Classifications and Earthquake Hazards in Urban Areas

Simulation of Soil-Structure Interaction Effects in Shaking Table Tests

Computer Ground Waves Due to Piling

Using GIS Based Models to Plan Regional Reclaimed Water Pipeline Networks

Horizontal Directionally Drilled River Crossing Meets Regional Water Needs

A Computer Tool for Predicting for Cooling of Asphalt Pavements

Software to Establish Seasonal Load Limits for Flexible Pavements

From Building Design Representations to Simulation Domain Representations: An Automated Mapping Solution for Complex Geometries

Detecting Cracks by Image Analysis on a Parallel Computer

SIMSUPER in Building Renovation: A Soft-Logic Simulation Approach for Analysis of Productivity

Utilization of 3-D Graphical Simulation with Object-Oriented Product Model for Building Construction Process

Environment for the Selection of Industrial Equipments

CAD Prototype Testing: Worked Examples, Demonstrations, Trials, and Charrettes





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