Three Dimensional Analysis of Deep Foundations

Near-Source Effects and the Isolation Provisions of the 1997 United Building Code

Modeling the Seismic Behavior of Planar Moment Frames Using Fishbone Models

Loads and Load Combinations for Slender High-Strength Concrete Columns

Continuum and Ground Structure Topology Methods for Concept Design of Structures

Probabilistic Nonlinear Computer Model for Reinforced Glulams

Load Calculations and Comparisons with Precision Wall Test (PWT) Data

A Multimedia CD-ROM Based Instructional Tool for the Design of Temporary Structures

The Equivalent Shore Method

Piracy Doesn't Pay
Engineering firms are the third most-frequently fined businesses for software license violations—right behind manufacturing and health care. Two executives who have learned about noncompliance...

Yesterday's Data—Tomorrow
Before the advent of computer-aided design (CAD) and geographic information systems (GIS), keeping documentation for future usage was no problem. All an engineer had to do was make sure...

Into the Fourth Dimension
A team of contractors designed a pharmaceutical plant entirely in 3-D CAD, then linked the renderings to a cost program and scheduling software, adding a fourth dimension—time—to the process....

Site Seeing
Project-specific Web sites (called project extranets) are used to communicate project information in a fast, cost effective and efficient manner. These Web sites act as a project's...

How to Calculate the Geometry of Vortex Ripples

Laboratory Experiments and LES Computation of Sheet-Flow Turbulence under Oscillatory Flows

Inlet Impacts and Families of Solutions for Inlet Sediment Budgets

Application of a Multi-Layer Approach for Morphological Modelling

Computational Fluid Dynamics Model of WTP Clearwell: Evaluation of Critical Parameters Influencing Model Performance

Remedial Design through Effective Electronic Associations

DEPOSIT: A Computer Model for Predicting Deposition of Organic Materials in Surface Sediments near Ocean Outfalls





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