Computer-Aided Schedule Forecasting System Subjected to Impacts of Rains

Knowledge-Based Systems Applications for Intelligent Transportation Systems

National Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture Tailoring: An Object-Oriented Approach

Software for Evaluation of Conceptual Design

A Benchmark Study of World Wide Web Communications

Agents and Components of Building Regulation Processing

Utilizing IT in Engineering Education and Practice

INTRANET: Short-Term Benefits within a Construction Management Firm

Collaborative, Interdisciplinary Teaching and Engineering

The Internet: Project Management in the Next Millennium—Today

Facility Operations Documents Using Intranets

Product Life-Cycle Assistant

Quantitative Constraint Satisfaction in Preliminary Bridge Foundation Design

Artificial Neural Networks for Civil Engineers
Advanced Features and Applications
Sponsored by the Committee on Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence of the Technical Council on Computer Practices of ASCE. This report illustrates...

Year 2000: Are You Ready?
The year 2000 computer virus poses many potential problems for engineers. Programming designed decades ago may not recognize the date 01/01/00 as January 1, 2000. Hardware, software and...

Geotechnical Challenges Faced on Line 2 of the Greater Cairo Metro System

Fluid Mechanics
An Interactive Text
This multimedia CD ROM, Fluid Mechanics: An Interactive Text, brings to life every topic and phenomenon associated with the study of fluid...

Computing in Civil Engineering
This proceedings, Computing in Civil Engineering, consists of papers and extended abstracts presented at the International Computing Congress,...

Florida's Ocean GIS: Protecting Blue and Green Waters

Real Time Oceanographic Data from the Santa Barbara Channel-Santa Maria Basin Circulation Study Used for Oil Spill Response





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