A Numerical Wave Tank for Nonlinear Wave Simulations

Deterministic Analysis of 3D Waves Near Structures

Eight Years Wave Hindcast at the Coastal Area of the East China Sea and Estimation of Wave Climate

Irregular Wave Forces on Crown Walls

Coastal Wave Data Dissemination Via the Internet

Large-Eddy Computation of Horizontal Fluidized Bed by a New Multiphase LES

Development of an Integrated Toxic Loading Permit Model for both Municipal and Industrial Applications

Selecting a Geographic Information System

Using Distribution System Modeling to Evaluate Treatment Plant Disinfection By-Product Control Strategies

Development of Two Computerized Methods to Evaluate the Certainty and the Contamination Risk Indexes for Groundwater Vulnerability Assessment

Technology Selection and Cost Analysis of Risk-Based Correction Action

Innovative Technology Combines the Components of a Sewer System to Create Virtual Computer Models

Improvement of Estuarine and Coastal Modeling Using High-Order Difference Schemes

COASTMAP, An Integrated System for Monitoring and Modeling of Coastal Waters: Application to Greenwich Bay

Application of Multigrid Technique to Hydrodynamic Equations

Real-Time Predictions of Surge Propagation

Real-time Data Acquisition and Modeling in Tampa Bay

Development of a Nowcast/Forecast System for Galveston Bay

A Particle Method for Sediment Transport Modeling in the Jade Estuary

Impact of Satellite Derived Cloud Data on Model Predictions of Surface Heat Flux and Temperature: A Lake Erie Example





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