The Passenger and Baggage Flow Model (PBFM) Tool

Geotechnical Challenges Faced on Line 2 of the Greater Cairo Metro System

Fluid Mechanics
An Interactive Text
This multimedia CD ROM, Fluid Mechanics: An Interactive Text, brings to life every topic and phenomenon associated with the study of fluid...

Computing in Civil Engineering
This proceedings, Computing in Civil Engineering, consists of papers and extended abstracts presented at the International Computing Congress,...

Solutions Manual-Fluid Mechanics
An interactive Text
The solutions to the end-of-chapter exercises of Fluid Mechanics: An Interactive Text are contained in this manual. These solutions are meant...

Florida's Ocean GIS: Protecting Blue and Green Waters

Real Time Oceanographic Data from the Santa Barbara Channel-Santa Maria Basin Circulation Study Used for Oil Spill Response

The Development and Use of a Computerized System to Examine Trends in the Components of Produced Water Discharges from Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Platforms

A Quantitative Basis for Optimal Spill Response

Determination of Void Fabric Tensor of Soils Without Radial Sampling Bias

TOBAGO and ARUBA—New Approaches for the Generation of Cybercity from Images

The Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit System: An Update

Station Capacity: An Issue in PRT System Planning

Generalised Assessment Method: Rules and Guidelines

Development of Safety Critical Software with the B Method

Computer Mooring Load Analysis to Improve Port Operations and Safety

A Vessel Traffic Simulation Model for the North Sea Channel Area

The Prediction of Tug Performance to be Used for Port Design Studies

Concrete Change
The concrete industry has an array of options when it comes to recycling. Incorporating glass, chicken feathers, palm fronds, sludge, crushed computer casings or other recycled materials...

On the Importance of Understanding Ocean Wave Kinematics for Calculation of Dynamics and Loads on Offshore Structures





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