A Microscopic Simulator of Traffic Flow

Apply Internet in Railway Passenger Ticket System

METROPOLIS: A Dynamic Simulation Model Designed for ATIS Applications

Research on Dynamic Properties of the Train Operating Diagram with Multi-Redundant Time Distributions

Evaluation of Activity Schedules Policies With the Use of Innovative Dynamic Traffic Models

Optimizing Adjustment Plan on High-Speed Railway

Management Information System for Railway Train Working Graph (RTWG) on Railway Networks

A General-Purpose Simulator for Train Operations

Integrating a Modal Emissions Model into Various Transportation Modeling Frameworks

Ocean Wave Kinematics, Dynamics and Loads on Structures
An international symposium on Wave Kinematics, Dynamics and Loads on Structures was held in Houston, Texas, from April 30 to May 1, 1998. The...

Flow Modification Techniques to Control Pier Scour

Tidal Hydraulic Modeling for Bridges

Fault Tree Analysis of Bridge Scour

Computer Model for Prediction of Scour at Bridges Affected by Large Woody Debris

Maryland SHA Procedure for Estimating Scour at Bridge Abutments, Part 2: Clear Water Scour

Investigation of Velocity Patterns Under a Bridge Deck in a Pressure Flow Condition

River Bed Deformation Computed from Shear Stress

Estimating Flow Velocities Through a Natural Wetland

Selection of Spatial and Temporal Discretization in Wetland Modelling

Simulation of Alluvial Processes in Evolving Channel Networks





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