Alaskan Building Celebrates Native Culture with Traditional, Modern Elements

On the Interpretation of Drilled Foundation Load Test Results

Underground Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)

Analysis of the Tension Leg Stable Platform

Conical Test Load Measuring Compressibility
(Originally published in J. of Geotechnical Engineerin, 1993, 119(5) 965-971.)...

Design Considerations for Expansion of an Existing Landfill Over Extremely Compressible Soils

Book Review: The Tensioned Fabric Roof by Craig G. Huntington. Reston, Virginia: ASCE Press, 2004

Modelling of Displacement Piles in Sand Using a Pressure Chamber

Response of Tension Piles to Simulated Seismic Motion in Saturated Fine Sand

Effect of Aluminum Compression on ACSR Conductor Sags at High Operating Temperatures
Deregulation and restructuring are sweeping the electric utility industry in the United States. As a result, many utility engineers are analyzing, re-rating, and upgrading their most critical...

Diametral Compression Tests for the Determination of Shotcrete Anisotropic Elastic Constants

Early Age Properties of Shotcrete

Compressive Fracture Energy and Fracture Zone Length of Concrete

Size Effect on Stress-Strain Curves of Concrete

Tension Stiffening Effect in RC Beams with Steel Fiber

Evaluation of Axial Compression Behavior of Micropiles

Smart Online Structural Monitoring and Diagnosis
(abstract only) This paper describes the observation matrix as innovative monitoring and diagnosis: (1) The matrix elements of the observation matrix multiplied by its transposed serve...

Small-Diameter Round Timber Connections
An over stocking of trees having diameters less than 20 cm, as measured 1.52 m off the ground presents a major fire hazard to over 54 million acres of National Forest land. Improving the...

Design of Tension Lap Splices in High Strength Concrete

Behaviour of Fiber Concrete Reinforced with Steel Spirals under Cyclic Compressive Loading





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