Field Measurements during Construction of a Sewage Tunnel

Performance of Multiple Retention Systems during Cut and Cover Tunnel Construction

Design and Construction of a Jet-Grouted Barrier Wall

A Field Observation and Prediction in Soft Ground Tunnel

Shoring for Leslie Station: Design Assessment and Construction Performance

Positioning for Least Cost: Managing Risks in Underground Construction

Removal of Subsurface Obstructions: An Alternative Contractual Approach

Perspectives on Risk Assessment in Tunneling

Analysis, Design, Construction, and Testing of Deep Foundations
This proceedings, Analysis, Design, Construction, and Testing of Deep Foundations, consists of papers presented at the OTRC `99 Conference...

Materials and Construction
Exploring the Connection
This proceedings, Materials and Construction: Exploring the Connection, consists of papers presented at the 5th ASCE Materials Engineering...

Sensitivity of Stormwater Conveyance System Cost to Design Recurrence Interval
(No paper) The cost of a piped and/or swaled stormwater system is determined principally by the storm recurrence interval (e.g., 5-year design storm) used to design it. That is, the present...

Geotechnical Aspects of Foundation Design and Construction for Pipelines Buried in Liquefiable Riverbed

Theoretical Framework for Network Reliability Assessment of Highway Systems under an Earthquake Environment

Development and Implementation of Prefabricated Composite Jacketing for Bridge Retrofit

Structural Performance Testing of Composite-Jacketed Bridge Columns under Cyclic Loading

South Pole Station Redevelopment Project

Master Plan for the South Pole Redevelopment Project

Environmental Review in Planning and Design Modernization of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

Elevated Station Design for the South Pole Redevelopment Project at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station

Construction of Unlined Tunnels for Icecap Stations





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