Design Methodologies to Retrofit Steel Moment Frame Connections

Composite Design for Long Span Bridges

Journal of Composites for Construction
The Journal of Composites for Construction publishes original research papers, review papers, and case studies dealing with the use of fiber-reinforced composite materials in construction. Of special interest...

Structural Fire Resistance - Past, Present and Future

Catching Up on Composites
Until recently, Japan and Germany were way ahead of the U.S. in composite material technology for construction. Lighter, stronger and possibly more durable than conventional materials...

Optimization of Composite Highway Bridge Systems

Lateral Strength of Brick Cladded Frames

San Angelo High Performance Concrete Bridge in Texas

Design of Seismic Resistant Concrete Columns for Confinement

Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Buildings: Deformations & Deformation Compatibility

Analysis Requirements for Performance-Based Design of Beam-Column Joints

Hybrid Moment Resisting Precast Beam-Column Connections

Ten Year Performance of a High Performance Concrete Used to Build Two Experimental Columns

Applications of High-Performance Concrete in Columns and Piers

Lateral Load Behavior of High Strength Fiber Reinforced Concrete Columns

Compression Failure in Reinforced Concrete Columns and Size Effect

Matrix First Cracking Strength in Continuous Fiber Cement Composites

New Block Copolymers for Membrane Materials
New fluorine containing polymer materials, which contain n-fluoro octylacrylate (pFOA) or n-fluorooctylmethylacrylate (pFOMA) repeating units, are being explored for use in thin film composite...

Fundamental Thermal Mechanical Modeling of Gas-Filled Porous Composites

Structural Sensing with Fiber Optic Systems





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