Repeated Loading of Stabilized Recycled Aggregate Base Course
The fatigue behavior, resilient properties, and progressive accumulation of damage due to repeated flexural loads on a fiber-reinforced pavement base course material composed of cement-stabilized...

Design of a Soil Mixed Composite Gravity Wall

Critical Research Need: Development of Wood-Based Composite Materials

A Composite Sketch
Engineers are using the lightweight advantages of fiber reinforced polymers to build short span vehicular bridges and pedestrian bridges, particularly in remote areas, such as national...

Composite Fiberglass Pile Dolphins

69th Street Composite Pier Design in Brooklyn, NY

High-Strenth Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites Offer New Significance to Marine Pier Design

Market Advancement for Composite Marine Piling and Timber

FRP Composite Piling Systems for Waterfront Applications

Performance of Fiber Reinforced Concrete with Respect to Frost Resistance: A Case Study

Materials and Wood-Based Composites

Use of Inorganic Polymer-Fiber Composites for Repair and Rehabilitation of Infrastructures

Strengthening of RC Flexural Members with FRP Composites

New Approach for Tensile Testing of FRP Composites

Analytical Modeling of Composite Reinforced Concrete-Steel Systems

Two-Level Optimization Technique of Composite Laminate Plates by Genetic Algorithms

Application of Composites in California Bridges

Design Philosophy of Semi-Rigid Steel Connections in Seismic Zones

SAC Phase 1 Experimental Investigations of Pre-Northridge and Repaired Beam-Column Connection Subassemblages

Research at Composite Construction III Conference





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