Behavior of Urugua-I Dam
URUGUA-I with its 76 m height is one of the higher lean roller compacted concrete dams. The project includes some outstanding features like the very low cement content and a PVC membrane...

Roller Compacted Concrete Mix Design
This paper presents a concise and proven mix design process. It covers all the steps necessary to produce a good roller compacted concrete (RCC) mix design for mass and structural applications,...

RCC Test Specimen Preparation—Developments Toward a Standard Method
As there is no widely recognized standard for the preparation of laboratory test specimens for roller compacted concrete (RCC) mixtures, criteria for developing such a standard are listed....

Thermal Analysis for RCC—A Practical Approach
Roller compacted concrete (RCC) structures, by nature of the construction method, tend to be monolithic structures or structures with minimal contraction jointing. Recurring questions...

Thermal-Structural Analysis Methods for RCC Dams
Current procedures for evaluating temperature control and the placement of contraction joints in roller compacted concrete dams are not always evaluated with the aid of detailed analysis...

Santa Cruz Dam Modification
Santa Cruz Dam was the first concrete arch dam in the United States to be modified using an roller compacted concrete (RCC) buttress. Innovative techniques included forming the stepped...

Design of the Boney Falls RCC Emergency Spillway
The Boney Falls Emergency Spillway was designed as a mass roller compacted concrete structure. Alternative designs considered include a fuse plug, lowering the embankment and paving with...

Rehabilitating Small Earth Embankments with RCC
The rehabilitation of existing earth dams using roller compacted concrete (RCC) is gaining wider acceptance in the engineering and construction community. Presented herein is a discussion...

Grouting Improvement of Foundation Soils

The Role of Soil Modification in Environmental Engineering Applications

Jet Grouting for a Self-standing Wall

Stabilization of Pier Foundation Using Jet Grouting Techniques

Jet Grouting: State-of-the-Practice

Jet Grouting in Airport Construction

Methods to Estimate Composition of Jet Grout Bodies

Jet Grouting in Contaminated Soils

A Design Theory for Compaction Grouting

Compaction Grout: Rheology vs. Effectiveness

Settlement, Structural Failure, and In-place Repair of Above Ground Storage Tanks

Recent Advances in Compaction Grouting Technology





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