Vertical Cutoffs and Bottom Sealing by Jet Grouting

Grouting Gasoline-Contaminated Sand with Microfine Cement

Grouting Through a River
A regional sewer district in Ohio is implementing a master plan to separate storm and sanitary flows, decommission some old treatment plants and upgrade others. Part of the plan, the West...

Pavements for a Container Terminal on a Dynamically Compacted Hydraulic Fill, Port of Voltri, Italy

Penstock Leakage at the Robert Moses Niagara Power Plant—Investigation, Design, and Construction

Behavior of Pipelines Buried in SCP-Improved Ground during Earthquakes

Roller Compacted Concrete for Overtopping Protection: An Overview

Liquefaction and Dynamic Properties of Grouted Sand

New Insights into Explosive Compaction of Loose, Saturated, Cohesionless Soils

Jet Grouting to Support Historic Buildings

A Long-Term Test of Compaction Grouting for Liquefaction Mitigation

Nuclear Gage Tests on Soils Containing Various Sized Aggregates

Effect of Oversize Particles on Swell and Compression of Compacted Unsaturated Soils

Verification of Geotechnical Grouting

A Test Program to Verify Grouting Effectiveness for Boston's Central Artery/Tunnel Project

Ataturk Dam - Hydrogeological and Hydrochemical Monitoring of Grout Curtain in Karstic Rock

Compaction Grouting in a Canyon Fill

Enhancement of Caisson Capacity by Micro-Fine Cement Grouting--A Recent Case History--

Compaction Grouting Effectiveness, A146, Los Angeles Metro Rail

Evaluation of Cone Penetrometer Grout Backfilling





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