Soft Ground Improvement in Lowland and Other Environments
The presence of thick deposits of soft clay combined with the effects of ground subsidence cause problems for engineering constructions for lowland areas such as the Central Plain (Chao...

Effects of Stress Ratio on Behavior of Quasi-Preconsolidated Compacted Clay under Plane Strain Compression

Rethinking Foundation Design in Karst Residuum

Analysis of Branch Crack in Compression

Grouted Anchors for Carbon FRP Tendon

Evaluation of Engineering Properties of Problematic Soils in Highway Construction

Development and Characterization of Cellular Grouts for Sliplining

Shrinkage Control in Acrylamide Grouts and Grouted Sands

Evaluation of Grout Materials for Anchor Embedments in Hardened Concrete

State-of-the-Art of Roller Compacted Concrete Pavement

Methods to Evaluate the Environmental Impact of Sodium Silicate Chemical Grouts

Waste Containment with Compacted Clay Liners

Comparative Response of Two Barrier Soils to Post Compaction Water Content Variations

Practice Improvements for the Design and Construction of Clay Barriers

Effects of Frost Action on Compacted Clay Barriers

Gradient Effects on Measured Hydraulic Conductivity

Using Fibers to Reduce Tension Cracks and Shrink/Swell in a Compacted Clay

Treating Contaminated, Cracked and Permeable Field Clay with Grouts

Flexural Cracking of Compacted Clay in Landfill Covers

Lateritic Soil in Landfill Liners and Covers





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