Transit Agency Use of Computer Paratransit
Several transit agencies in the U. S. have developed commuter paratransit services - subscription bus, vanpools, and carpools - as a means of pursuing the objective of more cost-effective...

Carrier Selection under the Airline Deregulation Act
The two major segments of the domestic airline system in the United States, the trunklines and the local service airlines, have, over the years, been regulated by the federal government;...

Philadelphia Center City Commuter Connection
The Philadelphia Center City Commuter Connection, a 330,000,000 urban transit project has been completed on schedule within a budget variance of 2% of the estimated cost. This is an accomplishment...

A Fare Demonstration in a Chicago Corridor
In response to various factors, a fare and transfer demonstration encompassing commuter rail and bus services in a major Chicago corridor was designed and implemented in early 1982. Experience...

Implications of Rapidly Growing Commuter Traffic for FAA Policy

Commuter Boats in Boston Harbor

Economics of Water Transportation for South Shore Work Trip Commuters to Boston

Challenge and Potential of Commuter Ride Sharing

The 3M Commute-A-Van Program





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