Improvement of Road Network Reliability under Different Route Choice Principles

An Analysis of Effect of Dynamic Traffic Information Considering Driver's En-Route Route Switches

BALANCE - A Method for Traffic Adaptive Signal Control Field Trial and Simulation Studies

Multicriteria Traffic Control with Video Feedback

Autonomous Intelligent Cruise Control Using the Fuzzy Logic

Millimetre Radar System for the On-Board Lateral Distance Acquisition: Performances Evaluation and Infrastructure Constraints

Vision Technique for Platoon Driving

REGIT Project: An Advanced Transportation Management System for the City of Terni

Classifying Vehicles Using Their Auditory Signature Based on an Auditory Model

On the Origin of Infragravity Waves in the Surf Zone of a Dissipative Multiple Bar System

Railroad Bridge Behavior during Past Earthquakes

Data and Data Interpretation in Bridge Management Systems

Deflection Serviceability Design for Wood Members and Systems

On Structural Identification of Constructed Facilities

A Monitoring System for High-Clearance Scaffold Systems during Construction

A Knowledge Based System for the Evaluation of Earthquake Damaged Structures

System Factors Using First-Order Reliability Methods

System Factors for Design of Wood Structural Assemblies

Repetitive Member Adjustment for Wood Structural Design

Comparison of Electromagnetic and Other Surveys to Locate Extensive Water Main Corrosion





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