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Innovative Treatment of Contaminated Soils-QA/QC Procedures

Managing Water
Coping with Scarcity and Abundance
The proceedings, Managing Water: Coping with Scarcity and Abundance, consists of papers presented at the 27th Congress of the International...

Aircraft/Pavement Technology
In the Midst of Change
This proceedings, Aircraft/Pavement Technology: In the Midst of Change, includes papers presented at the 1997 Airfield Pavement Conference...

Life Cycle Cost Analysis with Natural Hazard Risk: A Framework and Issues for Water Systems

Optimal Repair Planning of Existing Bridges Using Genetic Algorithm

Optimization Using Information Integration Method and Its Application to Civil Infrastructure Systems

Symptom Based Reliability and Health Monitoring of Civil Systems

Automatic Control and Instrumentation

Derivation of Stochastic Transport Equation for River Water Quality Modeling

Flood Risk Analysis in the Upper Adriatic Sea Due to Sea Level Rise and Land Subsidence

Three-Dimensional Hydraulic Analysis for Calculation of Scour at Bridge Piers with Fender Systems

Internally Generated (Autocyclic) Fluctuations in Fluvial Systems

Integration of Nondestructuve Evaluation Methods and Bridge Management Systems

The Role of Adaptive Management in Restoring Chinook Salmon to the Tuolumne River

Theoretical Analysis of Air-Entrained Flow in Vertical Drop Shafts of the Channel in Urban Drainage System

Potential Application of Artificial Immune Systems in Pavement Management Decision-Making

A Decision Support System for Pavement Maintenance Prioritization

Structural Evaluation of Hultman Aqueduct

Electric Power Systems
This section discusses major components and subsystems of electric power systems. Also present is a guide for performing a post-earthquake investigation of electric power facilities, including...





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