Optimal Control of Sudden Water Release from a Reservoir

Flap Gate for Hydraulic Head Control

Local Supervisory and Control Algorithms for a Laboratory Slide Gate

A New Model for Reliability-Based Optimal Design of Water Distribution Networks

Reliability Assessment of Water Distribution Networks Using the First Order Reliability Method

Parameter Dimension Estimation for Water Distribution Networks

Reliability of Operation of the Volga Water-Resource System Under Global Climate Change Conditions

Managing Water Scarcity Through Man-Made Rivers

Forecasting Drought Risks for a Water Supply Storage System Using Bootstrap Position Analysis

Experience in Operating a Large Limited Rate Arranged System - Wetlands Water District

Design and Congestion Considerations for Flexible Irrigation Supply Systems. Part II - Application

Use of Reservoirs and Large Capacity Distribution Systems to Simplify Flexible Operations. Part II - Reservoir Capacity and Case Studies

Alleviation of Surface and Subsurface Drainage Problems by Flexible Delivery Schedules

Mathematical Modelling of Water Quality in Distribution Systems

Influence of Distinct Processes on the Quality of Water in Distribution Systems

Some Inlet/Outlet Effects on Mixing in Water Supply Reservoirs

Turbulent Scalar Flux Measurements Over Model Bivalves

Multi-Disciplinary Data for Estuarine Modeling

The Tuolumne River, California, USA—A Managed System

Advanced Tidal Analysis of Estuaries to Trace System Changes





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