Using GIS to Identify and Characterize Sediments to be Dredged

Composite Bowstring Arches with Reinforced Concrete Decks Acting as Tension Members in the Main System

Monitoring Systems for Control of Compensation Grouting

Spatial Geologic Hazard Analysis in Practice

Spatial Data Quality Evaluation in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

Spatial Ground-Motion Amplification Analysis

Deterministic Zonation of Seismic Slope Instability: An Application of GIS

Integration of Earthquake Hazards in GIS

Lateral Drainage for Vertical Drain Systems

Mapping Convergence: GIS Joins the Enterprise
While utilities and telecommunications companies have led the way in maximizing GIS's potential, some progressive municipalities are now incorporating GIS into every aspect of their daily...

Adaptive Management of the Impacts of In-Stream Flow on Water Temperature in the Central Platte River: Results of a Peer Panel Review

The Normative River: An Ecological Vision for the Recovery of the Columbia River Salmon

Control of Nuisance Algae Growth in Hydropower Distribution Systems

Small Hydro Automation - Two Case Studies

Advanced Redundant Fieldbus and Plant Control System in Conjunction with Multiple Variable Speed Units

Control Automation of NIPSCO Hydroelectric Plants

Hydropower Data Access and Management System

Hydro Power Monitoring (HPM) - The HPM Concept - An Integrated Machinery Condition Monitoring System for Large Hydro Machinery Applications

Short Payback Period of Turbine Control and Monitoring Systems for Low Head Powerstations

Initial Use of an On-Line Expert System for Condition Assessment of Pumped Storage Hydromachines





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