Rule-Based Approach for Design Standards Scope Representation

A Natural Language Translation Engine for Geometric Modeling

The Capture and Use of Organizational Knowledge During Design & BCO Reviews

Using an Expert Critiquing System for Improving Construction Technology Diffusion Decisions

Adaptive Retrieval and Presentation of Engineering Information

Cost and Risk Analyses in Building Systems

4-D Annotator: A Visual Decision Support Tool for Construction Planners

Supporting Dimensional Control by Information Technology

Integrated Software System for Reinforced Concrete Design of Industrial Structures in High Seismic Zones

Effective Computer Use in Civil Engineering Today

Validation of a Knowledge-Based Expert System for Tall Building Design

Telepresence-Based Support for Concurrent Engineering in Construction

Intranet-Based Project Control Systems for the Construction Industry

An Intelligent and Multiple-Object Decision Support System for Scheduling of Train Diagram

Assessment of Knowledge-Based System Uncertainty Through Bayesian Belief Network Modeling

Welfare to Work: An Application of GIS in Assessing the Role of Public Transit

Knowledge-Based Systems Applications for Intelligent Transportation Systems

National Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Architecture Tailoring: An Object-Oriented Approach

A Multiple-Objective Model Based on the Network Optimization System

A Methodology to Estimate Time Dependent Origin-Destination Trip Tables





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