Infrastructure Solutions: Schools Offer Resiliency
When natural disaster strike, public K-12 school buildings are often used as emergency shelters. Yet public school infrastructure received a D+ on ASCE’s 2017 Infrastructure Report Card. There are, however,...

Doubling Down on History
The developers of a casino in Springfield, Massachusetts, preserved the facades, ornaments, and structural elements of several historical buildings—including a hotel visited by James K. Polk, the 15th...

Case Study Examines the Ethics of Professional Development
A supervisor sacrifices the professional development of his team for his own growth. Is the supervisor in violation of the Cannon 7 of ASCE's Code of Ethics?...

Florida Art Museum Expands Indoor and Outdoor Spaces, Protects Iconic Tree

ECS Announces Regional Promotion; Geopier Announces New Vice President; GeoStabilization Recognized; Historic Theatre Being Rebuilt; Military Museum Reopens; News from GZA; News from Haley & Aldrich

Welcome Aerix Industries and Dataforensics; News from GEO-Instruments; GEO-Instruments and Moretrench Collaborate; News from GZA; Geotechnology Teams with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Investment Firm Acquires Kleinfelder; News from SME

The New Paradigm Of Post-Disaster Reconnaissance: Using Virtual Methods to Enhance Systematic In-Field Data Collection
Virtual reconnaissance is the act of gathering information after an extreme event through virtual means. This information could be data on damaged regions, cultural data for an impacted region, and previous...

Basements On The Beach: Overcoming South Florida's Shoreline Excavation Challenges
The South Florida beachfront is awash with an ever-increasing number of high-rise condominiums. As land becomes scarcer and increasingly expensive, and building regulations change to require above-grade...

A Combo Foundation Does the Job: Piled-Raft Foundation Design for a Supertall Skyscraper
Lotte World Tower is a 123-story, 555-m supertall skyscraper with a 6-level basement for retail and car parking located at Jamsil-dong in Seoul, South Korea. (Editor’s Note: For additional information,...

Immortal and Ethereal Beauty in Stone: The Taj Mahal
The Taj Mahal, probably one of the most beautiful structures in the world, has withstood the vagaries of history and the environment. Lengthy tomes have been written on its beauty and the details of the...

What Lurks Below: The Geotechnical Intrigue of Boston’s Back Bay
In 1858, the great filling of Back Bay began. Completed in about 20 years, it led to nearly 100 city blocks of iconic 4- and 5-story brick rowhouses. In the past 60 years, about 50 high-rise buildings...

Member Voices -- Career by Design: Build the Perfect Profile in LinkedIn

Environmental Education Center Is First Public “Living Building”

G-I Members’ Fly-In to Washington, D.C.; In Memoriam: Don U. Deere; Millennium Tower Inspires New Geotechnical Guidelines;


Engineers Strive to Design Schools That Are Safe from Shooters

Design/Build Continues To Gain Favor across U.S. Construction Sectors, Report Reveals

House Handily Approves Water Resources Development Act
The House passes the Water Resources Development Act, putting pressure on the Senate to advance its water resources bill....

CTBUH Announces 2018 Best Tall Buildings

Morphosis’s Orange County Museum of Art to Join Southern California Arts Campus





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