Bolted Connection Devices for Damaged Welded Moment Connections

Failure of Post-Buckled Thin-Walled Composite Columns

Analytical Methods for Advanced Composite Materials - State of the Art

Estranged Relative of Steel and Concrete Structures

Experimental Behavior of Connections to Concrete-Filled Steel Tubes

Split-Tee Seismic Connections for CFT Column-WF Beam MRFs

High-Strength Concrete in Regions of High Seismicity

Cyclic Behavior of High Strength Concrete Joints

Modeling the Behavior of HSC Beam to Column Connections Under Cyclic Loads

U.S.-Japan Cooperative Earthquake Research Program on Composite and Hybrid Structures - An Overview and Status Report

Experimental Studies on CFT Column Systems - U.S.-Japan Cooperative Earthquake Research Program

Torsion in Earthquake Excited Structures

Guidelines for Design of FRP Columns

Composite Supercolumns and Steel Diagonals Retrofit a 47-Story Steel Framed Structure

Some Research on Composite Structures in the U.K., 1960–1985

Seismic Analysis of Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Beam-Columns and Three-Dimensional Composite Frames

New Connections Using Vertical Stiffeners Between H-Shaped Beams and Hollow or Concrete-Filled Square Tubular Columns

Experimental Behaviour and Numerical Modelling of Concrete-Filled Rectangular Hollow Section Tubular Columns

Seismic Behavior of Composite (RCS) Beam-Column Joint Subassemblies

Effective Stiffness of Composite Shear Walls





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