Seismic Analysis of a Truss-Arch Bridge across Mississippi River

Geotechnical Aspects of Foundation Design and Construction for Pipelines Buried in Liquefiable Riverbed

Geomorphological and Geotechnical Issues Affecting the Seismic Slope Stability of the Duwamish River Delta, Port of Seattle, Washington

Potential Impacts of Earthquake-Induced Submarine Landslides on Shipping in the Columbia River

Diurnal Variation in Dissolved Oxygen Measurements During Late Winter Ice-Covered Period in Sleeper's River, Vermont

Breakup on the Upper St. John River

Kuparuk River Submersible Bridges and Roadways

Loose-Bed Issues in River-Ice Hydraulics

Modeling River Ice Using Discrete Particle Simulation

Soo Locks Ice Problems and Possible Solutions

Low-Cost Ice Control Structures for Small Rivers

The Effects of Holes Drilled in a River Ice Cover on the Heat Transfer at the Ice/Water Interface

Structural Analysis: Kachemak River Culverts

Bear Creek Microtunnel for City of Seattle

Directional Drilling in Maine and New Hampshire for the PNGTS/Maritimes 762 mm Natural Gas Pipeline Project

Stream Stability and Scour at Highway Bridges
Compendium of Stream Stability and Scour Papers Presented at Conferences Sponsored by the Water Resources Engineering (Hydraulics) Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers
Sponsored by the Water Resources Engineering (Hydraulics) Division of ASCE. This collection contains 75 papers and 321 abstracts presented at conferences...

Grade-Control Structures for Salt River Channelization

Bridge Scour and Change in Contracted Section, Razor Creek Montana

Overmining Causes Undermining (It's a Mad Mad River)

Resolving the Water Wars: The Compacts Between Alabama, Florida, and Georgia
(No paper) Several water supply proposals on behalf of Georgia have caused a water rights ?war? which pits Alabama and Florida against Georgia in the Apalachicola, Chattahoochee, and Flint...





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