Improved Hydraulic of the HEC River Analysis System (HEC-RAS)

Scour Study for Bridge Design on Temecula Creek

1-D or 2-D Models for River Hydraulic Studies?

HEC-RAS Hydraulic and Scour Analysis of Ten Mile River Bridge Under the Caltrans Seismic Retrofit Program

Hydraulic Evaluation of I-65 at the Alabama River Peninsula

Applicability of Scour Equations in Tidal Areas
Bridge scour and waterway instability in the coastal region where waterways are subjected to tidal flow can be subjected to mass density stratification, water salinity, sedimentation...

Indian River Inlet: Is There a Solution?

Bridge Scour and Stream Instability Countermeasures

Bank Protection Toe-Downs and Local Pier Scour

Design of Guide Banks for Bridge Abutment Protection

Effect of Grade Control Structures on DEC Streams

Drop Structures in the Real World Guidelines for Drop Structures in Grass Lined and Wetlands Channels

Successful Implementation of Grouted Boulder Grade Control Structures on Drainageways in the Denver Metropolitan Area

Design Guidelines for Bioengineered Bank Stabilization

Design Guidance-Instream and Bank Restoration Structures

Ecological and Biological Considerations in River Restoration

European Progress on River Renaturalization

Stream Rehabilitation Using the Versatile V-Dam

River Rehabilitation Measures for a Lowland Channel with Flood Defense Requirements: River Idle, UK

Bridge Scour and Stream Instability Countermeasures





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