The Many Faces of RCC
The Chinese government, under an aggressive move to boost its hydroelectric power output, is building an extensive system of dams nationwide. Chinese engineers have developed innovative...

Design and Performance of Deep Piled Circular Cofferdam

Compaction Grouting at Tip of Sheetpile Shoring

An Extended Depth-Averaged Turbulence Model for Flow Constricted by Cofferdams

Boston's Home Run
The $1.3 billion Ted Williams Tunnel, the first part of Boston's Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel Project to be completed, has been designated the Outstanding Civil Engineering...

Rebuilding for Competitiveness, Port of Richmond Terminal, Virginia

Cellular Cofferdam Wharf Extension for PORT

Unbraced Circular Cofferdam for Boston's Third Harbor Tunnel

The Belleville Hydroelectric Project—An Overview

Closure Methods for Large Intakes

Wynoochee Hydro: Balancing Energy and Environment

Spillway Dewatering for Replacement of Radial Crest Gates

Checking Concrete Growth
When the Tennessee Valley Authority built its dams in the 1930s, instrumentation installed in the massive concrete detected a defect that would later cause major problems: concrete growth...

Construction of a Cofferdam Pressure Relief System

Stability of Embankments, Fills and Structures at the Bad Creek Project Under Static and Dynamic Loading
Duke Power was faced with the problem of using explosives to assist in removing a sensitive, saturated embankment cofferdam supported on a large rock plug. The first phase of the work...

Using Geophysical Data to Assess Scour Development
The development of scour holes in the Connecticut River near the new Baldwin Bridge has been documented by comparing geophysical records collected before (1989), during (1990), and after...

Case History of Sherman Island Hydro Buttress Dam

The Monroe Street Hydroelectric Project Redevelopment A Legacy of Power 1889-1992

Cofferdam Rip-Rap Protection for the New Esna Barrage
A 1:60 undistorted mobile bed model of the Nile River in the vicinity of Esna Barrage was constructed at the Hydraulics and Sediment Research Institute to test rip-rap protection of the...

Cellular Sheetpile Bulkheads





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