Epoxy-Coated Rock Anchors for Upper Occoquan Dam

Advances in Underground Pipeline Engineering II
The first international conference on Advances in Underground Pipeline Engineering was held in 1985. Some 50 authors and over 300 delegates from 20 countries took part in the presentations...

An Assessment of Automated Surface Finishing Technologies

Lead (Pb) in the Environment: Engineering, Construction and Public Policy

Reservoir Estimates for the Sulpicius Gallus Region
Estimates presented here show that 1.1×109 metric tons of oxygen could of produced from one of the enriched areas that have been detected by spectrographic...

A Practical Design and Construction of Tension Rod Supported Glazing
In designing a glass skin-covered space, for the atrium, entrance hall or other core part of a building complex, the high openness and quality requirements of the space often lead to the...

Concrete Watertight Structures and Hazardous Liquid Containment
The purpose of Concrete Watertight Structures and Hazardous Liquid Containment is to provide a practical guide for practicing engineers who...

The Role of Fracture Coatings on Water Imbibition Into Unsaturated Tuff

Dual Purpose Pipeline in the 1900s Environment

Internal Pipeline Corrosion Coatings Case Studies and Solutions Implemented

Improving the Performance of Architectural Glazing in Hurricanes

Macrocell Corrosion of Bent Epoxy-Coated Bars

Analysis of a Concrete Cylinder with a Composite Hoop Wrap

Determining Bituminous Pavement Shear Modulus

New Concept for Wrapping Columns with a High Strength Fiber/Epoxy System

Strontium Isotopic Evidence for a Higher Water Table at Yucca Mountain
At Yucca Mountain, calcite occurs as open-space fillings and coatings on fractures within much of the host volcanic rocks in both the saturated and unsaturated zones. Strontium isotope...

Lead is a Four-Letter Word
New regulations and strict enforcement make it difficult and expensive to remove lead-laden coatings from steel structures. Lead-based primers and paints are not considered hazardous as...

Evaluation of a Proprietary Tape Coating Alternative for the 157 Mile Ivie Pipeline
A two part evaluation of alternative protective coating systems for the 157 mile Ivie pipeline was made. In Part I, an evaluation was made on the suitability of a proprietary tape coating...

Preventing Coating Delamination in Prestressed Concrete Pipe
This paper describes the results of experimental and analytical studies of mortar coating delamination of prestressed of concrete cylinder pipe. Coating delamination resulting from radial...

Protective Coatings to Resist Cavitation Erosion in Concrete Hydraulic Structures





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