Evaluating Coatings for Concrete Wastewater Facilities

Studies on Galvanized Carbon Steel in Ca(OH)2 Solutions

Prefabricated Epoxy-Coated Rebar for the U.S. Navy

Improving the Performance of Epoxy-Coated Rebar

Slowing Corrosion Damage in Concrete: The Use of Organic-Coated, Ceramic-Clad, Metallic-Clad and Solid Metallic Reinforcing Bars

Corrosion and Hydrogen Permeation Inhibition by Thin Layer Zn-Ni Alloy Electrodeposition

Thermal-Sprayed Zinc Anodes for Cathodic Protection of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Evaluation of the Performance of Sprayed Zinc Anodes for Protecting Reinforcing Bars

Bare Bones Buildings
A new approach to fire engineering opens possibilities of designing buildings in which the structural skeleton is part of the architectural statement. Fire and corrosion requirements used...

Navy Submarine Wharf Design, Pearl Harbor

Epoxy-Coated Rebar for Marine Structures

Calcite and Zeolite Fracture Coatings in Topopah Spring Tuff Along Drill Hole Wash, Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Protective Coatings -- Current Practices

Quality Enhancements of Cement-Mortar Coatings

Special Protective Coatings and Linings for Ductile Iron Pipe

New Bonded Tape Coating Systems and Cathodic Protection Applied to Non-Steel Water Pipelines: Quality Through Proper Design Specifications

Use of POTW Biosolids in Bituminous Concrete

4 Metre Diameter Penstock Construction for the Raymond Reservoir Hydro Project

Dinorwig Power Station—The Successful Solution to Cavitation Problems at Dinorwig Power Plant with the aid of the Polymeric Coatings

Rehabilitating Old Gates





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