Engineers Help Move �The Battle of Atlanta� Cyclorama Painting to New Home

Infrastructure Security: Polyurethane Coatings Help Masonry Resist Blasts

Re-Creating the Rainbow Bridge
A team of American and Chinese experts constructed a pier-free arch bridge in China based only on a 12th century...

Architectural Coatings for Repair and Protection of Concrete Facades

Additives and Advances in Cold Recycling of Asphalt Pavements

Soap Lake Siphon Receives Rehabilitation

Blue Earth County Superpave Level I Project: CSAH 8 from TH 22 to TR 167

Do Coated Pipes Last Longer?
Field studies have revealed that polymer coated steel pipe resists corrosion longer than pipe coated with other materials. Corrosion is the most common failure mechanism of pipe culvert,...

Roof Coating Leaves No Room for Errors

Ground Attack
Buried surfaces made of concrete, ductile iron and carbon steel are susceptible to corrosion by the soil that surrounds them, but there are numerous ways that these surfaces may be protected....

Protection Corrosion Mechanisms Involved in Repair Systems with Surface Coatings on Reinforced Cement

Corrosion of Circular Prestressed Concrete Water Tanks

Structural Integrity Assessment via Coating Tolerant Forced Diffusion Thermography

Zebra Mussel Fouling of Water Intakes at Power Plants

Nontoxic Foul-Release Coatings for Zebra Mussel Control

Swedish Success
Constructing the Hoga Kusten Bridge in northern Sweden, which features the seventh-longest main span of any suspension bridge in the world, was a complex task made more difficult by the...

Polyurethane Coating Endures Test of time

Rerouting Boston's Utilities
During construction of the Central Artery/Tunnel project in downtown Boston, engineers had to move utility lines over and under both new and existing infrastructure and maintain utility...

A Process Unit Based Approach to Media-Integrated Waste Minimization: A Paint Manufacturing Case Study
Research conducted at the School of Engineering, University of Guelph, has developed a media-integrated waste minimization plan for a major Ontario paint and coatings manufacturer. The...

Development of a Robotic Bridge Painting System





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