Human Error in Constructed Projects

California Coastal Hazards Website


Reliability Analysis

Emerging Issues in California's National Marine Sanctuaries

Applying Scientists: Facilitating Education Outreach at Scripps Institution of Oceanography

The Big Picture – By the Numbers – And Issues for the Coast

Evaluation of the Retained Earth MSE Wall System
Final Report

Strength Design in Aluminum
A Review of Three Codes
Prepared by the Task Committee on Strength Design in Aluminum of the Committee on Special Structures of the Committee on Metals of the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE. ...

Civil Engineering Magazine Archive
The Civil Engineering Magazine Archive provides a record of civil engineering achievements and professional issues published in Civil Engineering Magazine, the official publication of the American Society...

Flood Frequency Prediction: A Methodology for Identifying Structural Uncertainty

Structural Safety and Its Quality Assurance
Sponsored by Committee 9A/10 of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat of the Structural Engineering Institute of ASCE. This report uses an...

Quality Management of Structural Design

Roles of Regulations and Standards

Reliability-Based Service Life Prediction and Durability in Structural Safety Assessment

Analysis of Dynamic Laterally Loaded Pile in Clay
Deflections of laterally loaded pile groups are strongly affected by the degree of pile head fixity. If the cap provides perfect restraint against rotation, deflections are only about...

Making the Grade
Adding two lanes to a stretch of highway in western Colorado required excavation on slopes and involved micropiles, mechanically stabilized earth walls, ground anchors, and soil nails....

A More Perfect Union
Established to promote greater public understanding of the United States Constitution, the National Constitution Center facility in Philadelphia is a structure of complex geometries articulated...

A Tale of Two Towers: The Structures
In preparing two lots in New York City's Times Square as sites for modern skyscrapers, engineers devised foundations and structural systems that would allow for subway lines,...

Rather than tear down a century-old warehouse that occupied the site of a planned baseball stadium, engineers renovated and reused the structure as part of the ballpark. Fans can view...





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