Hydrology in Managed and Unmanaged Louisiana Coastal Marshes

Erosion Control at the Entrance to Willapa Bay, Washington

Beach Nourishment Practice at Mesotidal Coast

A GIS-Linked Flood and Erosion Prediction System for Lake Michigan

Coastal Response to a Detached Breakwater System: Presque Isle, Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

The Influence of Set-Up Currents on Sediment Movement behind Detached Breakwaters

Beach Response to a Segmented Breakwater System, Southwest Louisiana, U.S.A.

Prospecting for Sand: Offshore New Jersey

Mitigation of a Beach-Fill Hot Spot, Monmouth Beach, New Jersey

Towards a Proper Coastal Defence Management of the Belgian East Coast

Inner-Bank Erosion at Jetty-Shoreline Intersection

Tidal Inlet Stability at Fire Island, Moriches and Shinnecock Inlets, Long Island, New York

Relocation of a Tidal Channel for Shore Stabilization and Protection

Automatic Real-Time Coastal Bridge Scour Measurements

Studies for Groin Design and Dredging of Guanabo River's Inlet: Playas Del Este, Havana City, Cuba

Evaluation of the Siltation Processes in the Navigation Channel of the Damietta Harbour at the Northeastern Nile Delta Coast of Egypt

The Development of a Coastal Aerial Mapping System (CAMS) and Its Application to the Study of Coastal Morphodynamics

Aircraft Laser Altimetry for Coastal Process Studies

Argus-Based Monitoring of Intertidal Beach Morphodynamics

Modelling Turbidity Associated with Mining Activity at Elizabeth Bay, Namibia





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