Human and Organizational Factors: Engineering and Reliability of Offshore Structures

Stability and Performance of Controlled Civil Engineering Structures Using Magnetorheological (MR) Dampers

Conflicts in Codes Applicable to the Job Site

Wind Loads and the Response to Wind

Guidelines to Conduct a Wind Damage Investigation of Manufactured Housing

Assessment of the Wind Environment around Buildings

Applied Technology Council's Role in Wind and Coastal Flood Hazard Mitigation

Design Considerations for Effects of Complex Topography on Wind Characteristics

Composite Materials for Rehabilitation of Civil Structures and Seismic Applications

High Rise Express (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue only)
A new column system developed by the Canam Manac Group in Montreal offers the expediency of steel construction with the economy of concrete. The system is made entirely of lightweight...

Covered Bridge Connection (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue only)
A 145-year-old timber bridge in Downsville, New York, now rests on the longest glue-laminated wood beams ever produced in the United States. Six 53 m (174 ft) long chords were threaded...

Substructures Stack Up (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue only)
As part of a 1997 research project sponsored by the Texas Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration, the University of Texas at Austin Center for Transportation...

Overcoming Barriers
Lifeline Seismic Improvement Programs
Prepared by the Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering of ASCE. This TCLEE Monograph studies seven large lifeline organizations that...

Six Decades of Subway Geo-Engineering: The Interplay of Theory and Practice

Major Sewer Tunnel Construction beneath Metro Tunnels in Singapore

Tunnels through the History of Seattle

Stress in Buried Pipes from Shear Distortions

Geotechnical Engineering Aspects of Microtunneling in Soft Ground

Geotechnical Lessons Learned in San Diego's South Bay Ocean Outfall

Positioning for Least Cost: Managing Risks in Underground Construction





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