Rates of Release of PAHs from DNAPL Mixtures

Detecting Leaks Electronically (Available only in Geo/Environmental Engineering Special Issue)
An innovative monitoring system originally developed to detect cyanide leaks at gold mines can now monitor the integrity of geosynthetic liners at municipal- and hazardous-waste landfills...

Geotechnics of Fine Tailings Management

Groundwater Development in an Arid Environment

Utilization of Coal Fly Ash from Fluidized Bed Combustion Systems

Keyblock Sizes and Tunnel Rock Loads

Equipment Selection in Opencast Mining Using an Expert System Shell

Shotcreting Technology in Coal Mining - Development, Practice, and Field Experience

Shotcrete Supporting Element for Underground Openings Past, Present & Future

In-Place Quality Control of Underground Shotcrete

DMT - Steel Fibre Proportioner

Direct Burial of Industrial Plants by Mining

Treatment of Coal Mine Drainage with a Compost-Limestone Reactor

Biodegradiation of Naphtalene from Coal Tar: An Assessment of the Potential for Slurry Treatment at MGP Sites

Adsorption of Lead in Fly Ash Subgrades for Waste Disposal Facilities

Cover Systems for Managing Hazardous Waste

Modelling of the Transport of Acid and Copper in Tailings Based on the USGS MOC Model

Sources of Greatest Acidity in a Coal-Mined Watershed

Mining: An Opportunity for Constructed Wetlands

Intelligent Excavator Control for a Lunar Mining System
The benefits of utilizing local planetary resources are a large reduction in the cost of lifting materials from the earth's surface into earth orbit. Since the moon is one of the closest...





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