Mine Subsidence Remediation Using Multiple Grouting Techniques

Dynamic Compaction to Remediate Coal Spoil

Displacement Grouting Used in Abandoned Mine Lands

About the Interference of Two Following Mining Pits in Erodible Bed Under Steady Flow

Routing of Tailings in a Stream Channel

Influence of Power Station Operations on Sediment Storage and Transport in a River Subject to Mine Waste Discharge

The 1985 Flow Slide and Debris Flow at Stava (Italy)

Slurry Wall Construction in Deep Mined Area

Los Angeles Metro-TBM Starter Tunnels-Mixed Face Conditions
Twin TBM starter tunnerls with mixed face conditions were successfully mined by roadheader with steel rib and shotcrete initial support beneath the Hollywood Freeway. Tunneling and total...

Whither Nuclear Waste Disposal—A 50th Anniversary View
The world recently observed the 50th anniversary of the first use of the atomic bomb. Thus major sources of nuclear wastes, from defense and power generation, have been around for slightly...

Practical Experiences with Sealing Technology in the Czech Republic

Traditional People and a Modern Mining Company Working Towards Sustainability in Indonesia
Mines often operate in remote areas and usually impact local communities. This paper describes the efforts by PT. Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) to work with traditional people and government...

Scour-Hole Dimensions at Selected Bridge Piers in New York
Knowledge of scour-hole dimensions can be used by bridge engineers to deter mine the extent of countermeasures needed to prevent scour at bridge piers. Scour-hole widths at 128 piers,...

Sand Variability from Ground Penetrating Radar Data

Probabilistic Risk Assessment for Tailings Impoundment Founded on Paleokarst

Evaluating Risk to the Environment from Mining Using Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

Spray Freezing to Treat Oil Sands Tailings Pond Water

Geotechnical Study and Remediation Design for Coal Mine Spoil Instability in Discontinuous Permafrost — A Case Study

Air Quality at a Zinc/Lead Mine in Arctic Alaska

Coal's Clean Comeback
At Tampa's new power station, engineers from the power plant industry meet those from the chemical industry to construct an environmentally safe way to use low-cost coal....





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