Shear Strength and Volume-Change Behavior of Copper Tailings Under Saturated Conditions

The Disaster of Stava/Northern Italy

Stability of Hydraulic Sandfill Tailings Dams

Stability Analysis of a Slurry Deposited Dike

Air-Jetting Densification of Sand Tailings

Mine Tailings, Dispersants, and Flocculants

Evaluation of a Coal Refuse Impoundment Built by the Upstream Method

Densification of an Existing Dam with Explosives

Cement Stabilization of Dewatered Mine Tailings and Its Effect on Vehicle Mobility

Review of Practice in Hydraulic Fill Construction

Pore Water Pressure Conditions in Tailing Dams

Lateral Movements and Material Properties of a Potash Tailings Pile in Saskatchewan Canada

Overview of Hydraulic Construction Techniques Utilized at the Syncrude Canada Limited Tailings Pond

Cyclone Deposited Tailings Dam for 300 Million Tons

Burning Coal's Waste
Culm is the waste coal and shale left behind in mountain-size piles when anthracite mining ceased in northeastern Pennsylvania. Owners of a cogeneration plant now under construction near...

Fly Ash Fills a Valley
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) recently placed narly 400,000 tons of fly ash in a structural fill along I-279 near Pittsburgh. The fly ash, believed to be the...

Burying the Nuclear Past
The Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action Program involves reclaiming 24 tailings piles. The work is done in terms of Federal Legislation to prtect the environment and people from the...

Combustion of RDE — Coal in a Utility Boiler: A Case History

Integrated Coal Gasification Wastewater Treatment

Pragmatic Approaches to the Clean-Up of Coal Tar Sites





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