A Comparison of Reclamation Plans at Title I and Title II Uranium Mill Tailings Sites

Use of the Piezocone on UMTRA: A Case History

Long Term Stability Considerations in the Design of Erosion Protection Covers for Uranium Mill Tailings Sites

Review of Uranium Tailings Cover Design

Mine Induced Subsidence
Effects on Engineered Structures
The influence of mine subsidence on engineered structures is a growing concern of the United States coal industry. This book contains a collection of case histories of the control and...

Disposal and Utilization of Electric Utility Wastes
The papers presented in this book summarize the recent developments in coal ash utilization technology, and the current issues and regulations associated with the environmental effects...

A Review of Tailings Disposal Practices in North American and Australia

Pneumatic Placement of Mill Tailings at 25 Tons/Hour

Slurry Backfilling of an Underground Coal Mine

Effects of Slurry Backfilling - Lessons Learned

Tailings Management in Australia

Beaching and Permeability Properties of Tailings

Slurry Pipelines: Present and Future

Report on Session 2 - Material Properties

Geotechnical Properties of Hydraulically Placed Uranium Mill Tailings

In-Situ Testing of Fine Coal Refuse by Nuclear Method

Downhole Nuclear Density Logging in Sand Tailings

Settlement of Uranium Mill Tailings

Prediction of Strains in Earthen Covers

Properties of Slurried Coal Tailings





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